Overtime 3 minutes, Ju Hansen won the single-pole opportunity, back to the penguin defender Daley will trip him to give the capital more opportunities to play, three guards Shatten Cork with a heavy gun to complete the salvation, he First fake shot to the defensive player, and then played a wonderful shaking wrist shot, Foley's line of sight was blocked, unable to stop the ball into the door, and ultimately by virtue of this goal, the capital of the thrilling win this game, Series total score reached 1: 2. But the lottery is really like a lottery lottery, like, in addition to the bad record of the regular season have to add a little bit of luck to finally get a good sign. The devil team in this year's regular season 82 games only won 28 victories, a total of 70 points ranked the league last fourth Marcus Johansson Jersey, before they estimated that only 8.5% of the probability to get the champion signed Zach Sanford Jersey, far less than the league ranked last One of the Colorado avalanche (18.0%) has a high probability, but eventually the devil is blessed by the lucky goddess, which means that they will finally have a chance at the draft show held in Chicago, USA, from June 23 to 24 this year First pick out the youngest of their favorite young players Chris Conner Jersey. Crosby's agent said the king's injury is not just concussion, as well as neck injuries, which led to the absence of 40 games Crosby. Before the start of the season, just winning the playoffs MVP and the World Cup MVP Crosby was injured again in training John Carlson Jersey, diagnosed concussion, missed six games, but returned to the state after the return, won the top scorer and in this year The playoffs led the penguins into the second round.