General Manager Mark Berger is clearly thinking that the team needs some muscular men, so he is in exchange for Steve Ott and Dwight Gold. But he did the best deal or sent away from David De Hane to Edmonton oilers, in exchange for the strength of decent defender Brandon Davidson, the deal may be really able to help the team Of the sale. Ducks get the best chance of the opening, the two groups of Yakubu Hilbertberg and Andrew Cogrijiano play in the case of less play with exquisite, Hillwall to attract more than brown bear The team after the cross in front of the door, no man-mark of the Cogliiano pull the ball to the backhand hit the door, the ball over the struggling to make the fighting action of the brown bear goalkeeper Tucar Laske, but the pillar refused. Since then the Bruins began to take the initiative on the field Brian Gibbons Jerseys, the total number of shots quickly close to the ducklings Dalton Prout Jerseys, but both sides failed to get twice in the opportunity to achieve gains. This age group of players in the league only 20 regular players, of course, other people in the Keith and Calgary Flames of Mark Giorgio side can only play a foil. In fact, the strength of the two players is very close, but Keith still has three Stanley Cup, a playoff MVP, two best defender, twice selected for a while. While Giovanni played only four playoffs in the best defender vote and the best lineup vote never higher than the 6th Dean Kukan Jerseys. This may not be a very close comparison of it Andrew Bodnarchuk Jerseys.