And Taffes is one of the best center of the league Marcus Johansson Jersey, bow horse skilled to attack good, as the Black Hawk captain, he is the soul is the leader, led the team took the Stanley Cup champion Dale Hunter Jersey, and the Canadian ice hockey national team to dominate the world Of the key figures, every mountain open water to bypass him for the Black Hawk escort Brooks Orpik Jersey. The growth of young players, the veteran of the stable morale, not to mention as indomitable hard bones, they never lack the determination to revive, because those who kill them will eventually make them stronger Chris Conner Jersey. Look at the Chicago over, the Black Hawk once again soar. Stanley Cup was founded in 1893, the highest prize for the National Hockey League, in each season after the playoffs awarded to the league championship team. The Stanley Cup is named after Frederick Stanley in honor of its contribution to the ice hockey. The Stanley Cup is the most prestigious champion trophy in the professional sport. Toronto Arena team in the 1918 Stanley Cup finals, repel the Pacific Coast Ice Hockey Association Vancouver millionaire team, successfully took the first Stanley Cup. The league was founded in Montreal in Quebec in 1917, with the first game held on 19 December of the same year, and the Canadians beat the Senate at 7: 4. At the beginning of the establishment of five teams, in a series of expansion, now a total of 30 teams, 23 in the United States, 7 in Canada. From the 2017-18 season, the financial giant Bill Foley will build a new army in Las Vegas, becoming the NHL's 31rd team.